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Dog Bandanas For The Stylish Pooch About Town

Check Out Half A Dozen Delightful Dog Bandanas A dog, for most of us, fulfils an emotional need to nurture, and for companionship. Nowadays we lavish our pooches with only the very best, and it has become the custom to give our dog a coat for the cold weather and to buy designer collars and […]

Delicious Dining Dog Food Experiences For Your Dog

Traditionally our dogs are fed on virtually the same dog food every day, with perhaps the odd chew stick thrown in. That can’t be right, can it? We humans don’t have the same thing to eat all the time, we like to have a choice don’t we? Not to mention striving to eat the best […]

Gifts For Dog Lovers In The Shape Of Your Own Dog

As these beautiful items are handmade, they may at times be sold out. However, other dog felt sculptures will be available. Unique Dog Woollen Felt Sculpture Needle felting, an age-old craft, seems to be rapidly growing all over the world. It is the process of pressing and stabbing at wool fibres with a felting needle […]

Matching Dog Collar and Dog Lead

Dress Your Dog To Impress Out on the town, strutting our stuff down the high street or around the pub with our mates, we all like to present ourselves the best that we can. Matching shoes, handbag and jewellery or slacks, shirt and designer shoes…we doll ourselves up to make an impression. Although you may […]

Top 6 Subscription Dog Boxes

Treat Your Dog To A Subscription Dog Box Have you heard of a subscription dog box? Certainly, we all know how difficult it is sometimes to think of a novel present for our loved ones for birthdays, Valentines, Christmas and special occasions. Our canine companions are no exception to this…what to buy for the dog […]

Gifts For A Dachshund Dog Lover

The Dachshund is a very popular dog in the UK and its name when translated from the German word, means badger dog. Possibly because their original purpose was to hunt badgers. Belonging to the hound group, their well muscled, low, long lean body would have been well suited to that task. There are six kinds […]