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Pictures of Cute Dogs In Lovely Scenery

Dobermann in the meadow.

Cheer up the winter days with pictures of doggies in some lovely scenery of flowers and woodland settings. We all enjoy a picture of a dog…bring summer closer with these delightful pictures of cute dogs enjoying being outside in the sunshine. Mmm! Enjoying the Scent of Summer Flowers A Mountain Climbing Shetland Sheepdog Cocker Spaniel […]

So…I’m an Old and Ugly Dog! I Still Need Loving!

Underdogs Are Adorable Cute little furry, floppy-eared, puppies do not have difficulty in being chosen at the rescue kennels, it’s the odd-looking, maybe matted furred, lopsided mouthed, buggy eyed, three-legged or elderly dogs that get overlooked. Don’t walk on by and dismiss these so-called misfits. They are beautiful in their own way and have so […]