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Pictures of Cute Dogs In Lovely Scenery

Dobermann in the meadow.

Cheer up the winter days with pictures of doggies in some lovely scenery of flowers and woodland settings. We all enjoy a picture of a dog…bring summer closer with these delightful pictures of cute dogs enjoying being outside in the sunshine. Mmm! Enjoying the Scent of Summer Flowers A Mountain Climbing Shetland Sheepdog Cocker Spaniel […]

10 Best Small Dogs Good With Kids

Poodle Height: Miniature-11″to15″& Toy-10″ Length of Coat: Short Grooming: Professional clipping Shedding: No Colour: Several: Apricot, cream, white, black, brown, grey and cream etc. Personality: Dignified, intelligent, loving, playful Temperament: Protective, eager, calm Exercise: 2×30 minutes Training: Highly trainable General Health: Generally healthy Type of Home: Flat/House Lifespan: 14 to16 years The miniature and the […]

What Is A Designer Dog?

Our domesticated dog evolved from the wolf, and the pedigree breeds that we know today have come about by man’s intervention. Although, it has long been a belief that a cross breed, commonly referred to as a mongrel, is a much hardier and longer-lived dog than a pedigree might be. A mongrel dog is one […]