Golden Retriever in the garden.

Top 20 Dog Names reports that Butcher’s Pet Care have performed a new study of 2,000 British dog owners that reveals the top 20 dog names of 2016.

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Shih-Tzu puppy with flowers in the garden.

Dog Safety Is Paramount, Is Your Garden Doggie Safe?

Because we’re experiencing some lovely warm weather at the moment we will more than likely have the back door permanently open.  Although it’s nice for our beloved pooches to be able to just saunter in and out to the back garden as and when it takes their fancy, dog safety must be at the forefront

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Dog friendly, The Lounge.

Dog’s Welcome In This Dog Friendly Lounge

It’s always really fantastic to find eating establishments where it’s dog friendly and you can take your dog. A recent exciting find are The Lounges café/bars dotted around the country. There are around 60 of these informal, relaxed, neighbourhood café bars and there’s sure to be one near you. Open all day, the Lounges menus

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Puppy Chihuahua

P Is For Puppies, Also For Potty Training and Patience

Puppies, no matter what breed they are, are all flipping gorgeous. All the tumbling ploppyness of them just gladdens your heart. However, when the initial ooh’s and aah’s of your new arrival have subsided a little, the looming question of puppy potty training raises it’s head above the squeaky toys. At first you say, ‘it’s

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Dog Fleas, Dog Ticks, Mites and Wiggly Worms

Summer is upon us and dog’s being dog’s, with their noses and paws into every nook and cranny, can pick up all manner of nasties on their travels. When you share your life with a dog, dog fleas and other parasites can unfortunately, become part and parcel of the relationship. Though if you’re aware of

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Dog group.

Choosing a Dog, but What Dog?

Choosing a dog depends on more than just a cute face, the best dog will be the one that will fit into your lifestyle and family. So it’s a mistake to just buy on a whim and a warm lick, or a waggy tail and a ploppy body. Dog Breed Selector Possibly we all have

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