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Is Home-Made Dog Food a Good Idea?

It seems that many dog owners are feeding their furry friend with home-made dog food, in the belief that they are saving money. But does it really save you cash?

Research suggests that there are 8 million dogs in the UK and with quite a lot of homes having at least one dog, and sometimes more. That’s a whole lotta doggies!

Of Course, They’re Worth It!

The expense of keeping a dog over their average lifespan has been suggested as around £16, 000. Although dog food is just one of the expenses, it can work out at quite a lump out of your budget. Of course, obviously, it does depend on the size of your dog and the propriety dog food that you buy.

Because of the cost of these manufactured foods, owners are looking for alternatives, believing that home-cooked will provide that.

They are buying cheaper cuts of meat, supplemented with pasta, rice and vegetables to mix up at home. Because they know what has gone into the meals, it gives them confidence that they are feeding their much-loved pooch a well-balanced dinner, instead of the inferior food that they believe is in the food they get from the shop.

Go on the net and you will find infinite information from people sharing recipes, books and videos on how to make delicious food for your dog.

Is Home-Made Dog Food Better?

Although most owners are making home-made dog food to save money, they may be disillusioned in their belief that it’s better because they know what has gone into it. A clinical nutritionist at the Royal Veterinary College is concerned that they may not be meeting all their pet’s nutritional requirements.

The RVC nutritionist has said that possibly too much meat and not enough calcium is given. Also that several vitamin supplements are required, which is difficult to get right, and very costly as well. As well as that, there are several foods that are harmful to dogs, and these could be inadvertently mixed in because the owner was unaware of the dangers.

So it seems that it not very likely that you could feed your dog adequate nutrition with home-made dog food, at least not to save a sufficient amount of money anyway.

Treat Your Dog With Home-Made Treats

One way to save a bit of cash is perhaps to make your dog home-made treats, for which you’ll find plenty of recipes on the internet.

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