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10 Rules for Children Around Dogs

It is so nice to see children having fun playing with their dog. If children are brought up with dogs then they learn how they should behave with them.

Do It Right and It’s Wonderful

Dog and boy friendship

However, although that might be the case, children should also learn that other dogs might not want the same attention from them as they give their own dog. Also, children who have no experience of dogs in their family, but really like them, must learn some basic rules when they are around dogs, for the enjoyment and safety of both.

  1. Firstly…respect all dogs…they are not playthings.
  2. Never approach a dog that is unknown to you, without asking the owner first if you can touch it.
  3. Be gentle, don’t poke, prod, or pull ears, noses or tails.
  4. No shouting, screaming, squealing or jumping and waving your arms around near them. The dog could become frightened and behave badly.
  5. Dogs get to know each other and people by sniffing them, it’s perfectly natural and ok to allow that to happen.
  6. Don’t give a dog any food without asking the owner first, and definitely don’t drop food from the table for them, because some food is dangerous for them to eat.
  7. Do not bother a dog when they are either sleeping or eating. Think whether you would like to be disturbed if you were doing those things.
  8. Never tease a dog, especially an unknown dog, they could react badly.
  9. Anything belonging to a dog is theirs and shouldn’t be touched. How would you like it if they came and took your toys, food, bedding or treats?
  10. You should never try to pick a dog up, you could injure them or upset them.

Just a few simple rules to remember to make your encounter with a dog a very happy one.

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