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If you need to choose the best breed of dog that will fit in with your family life, and you want to find out about a dog’s characteristics, traits etc., then learn more from Notes on Popular Dog Breeds here.

Because there are many different breeds of dogs, it can be a difficult job knowing which breed would suit your lifestyle. Of course, you will have your preference with appearance, but it’s important to choose a breed that fits in with what you can manage with regard to exercise, grooming, shedding, time and space.

Affenpinscher (Monkey Dog)

Flickr - Ger Dekker - (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Flickr – Ger Dekker – (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Affenpinscher is classed by breed registries as to be in the toy group, even though they have the similar characteristics, temperament and appearance of a terrier breed type.

Group – Toy
Size – Small
Height – Between 9.5 and 12″
Weight – Between 6 and 13 lbs
Exercise – Up to 1 hour
Coat – Dense, wiry, rough
Grooming – Twice a week + professional stripping twice a year
Shedding – Low
Energy – Energetic
General health – Potential for fractures, PDA, respiratory, corneal ulcers, hip dysplasia
Characteristics – Spirited, fearless, bold, tough, loyal, sturdy, feisty, lively, active, adventurous, curious, courageous, plucky
Personality – Affectionate, mischievous, proud, amusing, cheerful, charming, fun-loving, , devoted, strong-willed, self-confident, funny
Temperament – Stubborn
Easy to train – Quick to learn what they are interested in, but slow to house-train, needs a firm hand
Intelligence – Intelligent
Barking tendency – Tendency to bark
Playfulness – Playful, but not boisterous playing
Watchdog – Good watchdog
Town or country – Either
Type of home – Flat or house
Minimum garden size – None
Lifespan – 12 to 15 years
Good for novice owners – Medium
Sensitivity level – Medium
Tolerates hot weather – No, because of possible breathing problems
Friendliness – Friendly but wary of strangers
Good with strangers – Not generally
Good with children – Not good for young children
Dog & Cat friendly – If brought up with them
Feeding costs – Low

Boxer Dog Breed Facts

Boxer dog with ball
Flickr – Cristoffer Crusell – CC BY 2.0)

The Boxer dog will require energetic and experienced owners. However, once they are trained, they will make a gentle, affectionate and fun family dog.

Group – Working
Size – Large
Height – 21 to 25 inches
Weight – 55 to 70 lbs
Exercise – More than 2 hours
Coat – Short
Grooming – Once a week
Shedding – Yes
Energy – Energetic
General health – Heart problems, prone to cancer, gastric torsion, hip dysplasia, skin allergies
Personality & Characteristics – Fearless, self-assured, loyal, courageous , devoted,
high spirited, curious, sociable, mischievous, confident, protective
Temperament – Gentle, affectionate, calm, happy, lovable, comical
Easy to train – Firmness and consistency required
Intelligence – Highly
Barking tendency – Low
Playfulness – Very playful
Watchdog – Yes
Guard dog – Yes
Town or country – Either
Type of home – House
Minimum garden size – Large
Lifespan – 8 to 14 years
Good for novice owners – Medium
Sensitivity level – Easily overheated
Tolerates hot weather – No
Friendliness – Friendly
Good with strangers – Wary of strangers
Good with children – Yes
Dog & Cat friendly – Can be aggressive so needs proper training
Feeding costs – Medium

Chihuahua Dog Breed Facts

ChihuahuaSource: Pixabay

The Chihuahua may be small and dainty in appearance,  but they are a spirited and intelligent little package with an outsize personality.

Group – Toy
Size – Small
Height – 6 to 12 inches
Weight – 2 to 4 lbs
Exercise – Although they can get exercise indoors, they do need a daily walk for stimulation
Coat – Two types – smooth and long
Grooming – Smooth once a week and long hair three times a week
Shedding – Yes
Energy – Medium
General health -Prone to rheumatism, eye problems, hypoglycemia, pulmonic stenosis, patella luxation, and hydrocephalus. Susceptible to fractures when young 
Personality & Characteristics – Devoted, smart, loyal, alert, courageous, lively, fearless
Temperament – Loving, sassy, affectionate
Easy to train – Learns quickly, needs a firm but gentle hand and early socializing
Intelligence – Yes
Barking tendency – Moderate, needs proper training
Playfulness – Yes
Watchdog – Yes
Guard dog – Yes
Town or country – Either
Type of home – Flat
Minimum garden size – Small
Lifespan – 15+ years
Good for novice owners – Yes
Sensitivity level – Yes
Tolerates hot weather
Friendliness – Yes, but early socializing and training is a must
Good with strangers – Reserved
Good with children – Not small children
Dog & Cat friendly – Yes, if socialized
Feeding costs – Low

Dachshund Dog Breed Facts

Dachshund dog

Translated from German, the breed name means badger dog, which was probably what their original purpose was. They have a love of food and a tendency to put on weight, which must not be allowed to happen because of the possible damage to their back.  Give them firm and early training and they will make a wonderful member of the family.

Group – Hound
Size – 3 sizes: Small – Standard and Miniature
Height – 9 inches
Weight – Standard 20 to 26 lbs, miniature 10 to 11 lbs
Exercise – Up to 1 hour
Coat – 3 Types – Smooth, long and wire-haired
Grooming – Smooth once a week, long twice a week, wire-haired once a week and professional stripping a couple of times a year
Shedding – Yes
Energy – Can take as much walking as you want to give them
General health Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), and diabetes occasionally
Personality & Characteristics – Active, loyal,  extrovert, lively, tough, stubborn, independent, courageous,  clever
Temperament – Bold, brave, affectionate, faithful
Easy to train – Can be disobedient, needs proper training, socializing and strong leadership
Intelligence – Yes
Barking tendency – Has a deep bark and likes to voice it
Playfulness – Yes
Watchdog – Yes
Guard dog – Yes
Town or country – Either
Type of home – Flat/House
Minimum garden size – Small/medium
Lifespan – Over 12 years
Good for novice owners – Slightly difficult to train
Sensitivity level – Medium
Tolerates hot weather – Yes
Friendliness – One person or one family dog
Good with strangers – Suspicious of strangers
Good with children – Older children
Dog & Cat friendly – Originally bred to hunt, supervision required with other pets
Feeding costs – Low – prone to obesity, do not overfeed

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