We Couldn’t Do Without Our Very Important Dogs

Dogs, we love em, don’t we? But even if you’re not a dog lover, you have to admit, that dogs do play a huge and useful part in our lives. Although for the most part, dogs are kept as companions and pets, there are some very important dogs (VID’s) that work and serve a very useful purpose to people in the

Dogs use their brilliant sense of smell at HM Revenue and Customs and the UK Border Agency to detect drugs, money, explosives, tobacco, firearms, and illegal stowaways, just to mention a few. Only just recently sniffer dogs were used to uncover a stash of smuggled tobacco worth £19,500 at different
establishments in Plymouth.

There Are Important Dogs For All Jobs

Dogs also use their ears to become a hearing dog for deaf people and use their eyes to become a guide dog for the blind. They work for the police, for the army, and for the farmer rounding up the sheep. Dogs also visit hospitals, hospices, care homes, and special needs schools amongst others, in their work as PAT dogs. Pets As Therapy (PAT) is a national charity founded in 1983 and it supplies therapeutic meetings between dog and patient.

Help Me!

There are rescue dogs, saving people from mountains, caves, water, etc. You name it, they can, and do, save you from it.

You Can’t Reach? Superdog To The Rescue!

Those people who have a physical disability, be it evident or invisible, can gain a lot of confidence by having an assistance dog. A dog can be trained to a person’s particular needs and circumstances. For example, help with opening and closing doors, or using switches, unloading the washing machine, retrieving something from the fridge or cupboard etc. Even in the supermarket, a dog will reach the products from the shelf for you.

We Wonder How Do They Do It?

Our canine friends are also trained in detecting and reacting to the odour of certain medical conditions. People with diabetes, autism, and seizures, for example, can be helped with the assistance from their own dog. They can recognise an impending attack and make their owner aware, thus giving the person time to administer medication if needed.
Apologies to any of those other marvellous working dogs that may have been missed out. Our lives are greatly improved and enhanced by all of our canine companions.

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