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10 Cute Puppy Pictures to Melt Your Heart

Lots of animals have names given to a group of them, for example, a pride of lions, and I’d like to think that a group of puppies would be called a pudge of pups because puppies are all puddingy, ploppy and pudgy.

I suppose it’s not always the case, but I imagine that all dog lovers are puppy lovers too, and like to look at cute pictures of puppies. Puppies are so adorably innocent and curious about all the new things that they encounter. It is a delight to watch their little antics as they discover the world around them. There are endearing and comical, melt your heart moments, shared with your little cuddly pup every day.

Take a look at these pups and see if you can put your own appropriate caption to each picture.

puppy picture
That’ll teach you to put your hat away! It’s perfect for my nap.
puppy picture
I’m not happy let me tell you, I’m doing these exercises under duress.
shih tzu puppy picture
I could bark that I’m tiptoeing through the tulips, only they’re cornflowers and poppies.
puppy picture
So much weeding, it’s just knocked me out!
pug puppy picture
Don’t you think I look the prettiest pug with my pearls?
puppy picture
I’m sure I saw a bee go in there!
puppy picture
Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!
puppy picture
Mmm! Bliss!! Life couldn’t be better.
shar pei puppy picture
He needs a good book to help him sleep.
puppy picture
We’re just pooped out, and his head makes a lovely squashy pillow.

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