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9 Steps to Slim Down Your Dog

As we have just had Christmas with all the extra food consumed, our thoughts will have turned to New Year resolutions and the dreaded diet. Of course, this doesn’t only apply to us, but to our canine companions as well. According to the 2014 PDSA animal welfare report, one in three dogs is overweight.  As with ourselves, dogs can develop arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease as a result of being too heavy.

Hard as it is for us to cut down, it’s probably more difficult for us when faced with the pleading eyes of our beloved pooches. But it is because we love them, that we must do it.

Increase Your Dogs Life Expectancy

A dog that is overweight is more predisposed to illnesses, and it can shorten their lives quite dramatically. With an ideal body weight, a dog could live almost two years longer. Allowing your dog to become overweight puts a strain on their heart and joints causing pain and discomfort.

Try these nine simple, but effective steps to slim down your cuddly doggie. Of course, if you have an older, less active dog, then, unfortunately, they may need to have smaller meals of low-calorie dog food. Consult your vet for advice.

burns-dog-foodBe Strong! Don’t Give In to Your Overweight Dog

1. Do not give leftovers from your plate2. Only give low calorie, no sugar treats
3. Break the usual treats up, and give a smaller amount
4. Offer carrots or apple as an alternative treat
5. No guessing, use a measuring cup to get the exact amount of food
6. Exercise is a must, walking, playing, whatever both of you can manage
7. Feed with low-fat dog food
8. Play fetch with a ball, or tug of war with a pull toy
9. Lastly, change your routine to make it easier for you to resist. If your dog is in the habit of asking at a particular time or room, eg. the kitchen at twelve. Then do something different to break the habit.

So, eat less, move more is the adage to stick to, to keep your dog healthy and with you as long as you can.  Check out Burns Weight Control for Overweight or Diabetic Adult Dogs.


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