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What Is That Dirty Dog Smell?

I’m afraid, being the owner of a dog, can come with a horrible smells label attached.

Recently, it’s been reported that the offensive smells that dog’s give off has been blamed, not only for the break up of some couples, but also for keeping friends and family from wanting to visit you at home.

I suppose that you have to be what’s called, a true dog lover, to endure the sometimes awful smells that emanate from your four-legged friend. Not to mention the hair that sticks to your trouser leg and your three-piece suite.

However, all is not lost, with a few slight adjustments to your dogs usual hygiene and grooming routine, the relationships with your family and friends could be back on the right track.

Roly Poly But Without The Custard

Just why it is that your pooch feels it necessary to roll in the most foul of smelly objects is something that can be beyond our reasoning. However, those in the know believe that the habit stems from long ago, when a dog needed to cover itself in rotting dead bodies, fox faeces and anything remotely putrid, to disguise their own scent, thus avoid being discovered by their predators.

The answer:
1. Use the training commands,’leave’ or ‘stop’.
2. When your dog starts to roll, and not after, squirt them with water.

Pass The Toothpaste!

Although you are aware that you need to clean your own teeth and have them checked at the dentist, if you are not also in the practice of cleaning your dog’s teeth, then your dog’s breath can absolutely stink. Also a dog’s ears, bottom and paws too can get decidedly pongy if not kept a check on.

If you think about it, we wouldn’t dream of not washing our bodies, cleaning our teeth and washing our hair on a daily basis would we? If we didn’t take part in the daily washing regime, then there would be no doubt that our partners, friends and family wouldn’t want to know us either.

The answer:
1. Dog toothpaste and brush.
2. Oral care water additive – Promotes healthy gums and eliminate bad breath.
3. Dry food helps to avoid plaque build-up, as do dental chews.
4. Plaque preventative, stops new layers of plaque forming.

Dirty, Damp Dog!

Wet smelly dog odour can permeate your home and car and the stench has also been reported to be causing arguments among couples, even unfortunately resulting in splitting up the relationships.

The answer:
1. Bathing your dog is the obvious choice but is not always a convenient.
2. Coat conditioning spray, refreshes and controls odours and smells lovely.
3. Keep the hair trimmed around your dog’s private parts.
4. A wet dog bag to eliminate the dreaded muddy wet fur shake.

Phew! Who Did That?

Also it can be quite embarrassing if your windy dog proceeds to let rip when you have friends round for lunch. With result that you may never receive a return invitation, just in case you might bring the flatulent culprit with you. Being a normal bodily function, dog’s pass wind for relatively the same reasons that we humans do. Rule out any serious diseases first by a visit to your vet.

The answer:
1. A change of diet to a better quality high fibre dog food.
2. Stop them wolfing their food by providing a slow-down dog bowl.
3. Perhaps feed three smaller, rather than one large meal.
4. Liquid or tablet, over-the-counter medicine.

Hairy Disasters!

Hair on your clothes and furniture is part and parcel of having a dog, unless of course you get a breed that doesn’t shed. Grooming on a regular basis can help to lessen the amount of loose hair that is shed.

The answer:
1. Feed a top-quality dog food.
2. Regular brushing.
3. A rubber-gloved hand gathers the hair into a pile to be removed.
4. Administer a fatty acid supplement to their diet.

For the most part, it is possibly us as owners that can be held responsible for the stinky reputation of our canine companions. Our dogs are surely not bothered about the aroma wafting from their hairy bodies, and couldn’t do anything about it even if they were.

So, if we find it offensive, then it’s up to us to deal with it and make them into ‘nice to know’ sweetly smelling pooches.

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