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Throwing Sticks for Your Dog Could Be Fatal!

Dogs love to run and fetch anything that you might throw for them to retrieve, and we love to watch the enjoyment that they get from doing this. However, what at first you might think of as a harmless game, could turn into a serious injury or even a fatality. Throwing sticks for your dog is dangerous.

It can be very tempting to just pick up a stick and throw it for your dog, but this is a very dangerous practice. Every year, dog’s are receiving mouth injuries as a result of sticks piercing their throat.

The degree of the possible injury depends on a number of factors: the rate at which the dog is running, the size of the dog and at what angle the stick penetrates the dog’s mouth or face. It has been proven that the larger dogs are more prone to these types of injury.

Injuries sustained from dogs running at speed onto sticks can be potentially extremely dangerous. So to be safe and not sorry, only throw a ball or dog toy made for the purpose.

A recent Express story highlights what could happen and did, to smooth haired collie Maya.

Be safe! Enjoy happy days running and playing with your pooch. Say No To Sticks!

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