Go On…Give Us A Kiss!

Some of us love it, and some of us, even if we love them to bits, find it repulsive. I’m referring to kissing your dog on the mouth.

An Army Of Bad Bugs

Studies have been done by Japanese researchers on the dental plaque taken from people and dogs. Now I won’t go into the long sounding names of the different oral bacteria that were found present in both dogs and humans, suffice to say, there were quite a few.

Beef Flavour Toothpaste Perhaps?

But it was found, that although the disease-causing bacteria was very similar in humans and in dogs, it was to a lesser degree in humans.

So it was suggested that the bacteria could be transmitted between a human and their pooch. It was also suggested that we should treat our pet to the same oral hygiene as ourselves to minimize infection.

To sum up, apparently, kissing your dog is no more dodgy, than kissing another person, and also lends itself to an emotional feel-good factor for the both of you.

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