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Take A Paws For A Doggy Tale

On one particular day some time ago, three Labrador’s died, and they were stood at the Pearly Gates in front of St. Peter where he asked, “I have a question for each of you, in turn, to decide if you’re worthy to come in.

St Peter: “On how many occasions did you betray the mother of your puppies?”

Black Labrador: “Never, I was always faithful.”

St Peter: “Well done for your loyalty, when you enter the Pearly Gates you will get an enormous kennel packed with all your favourite treats and a luxury collar encrusted with diamonds.

The chocolate Labrador stepped forward and St Peter quizzed him in the same way.

Chocolate Labrador: “I’m afraid that I did once escape from the garden and had a bit of a fling with the pretty little spaniel next door.”

St Peter: “Well, because that wasn’t too bad and you have been honest you will get a slightly smaller kennel, some tasty bones, and an ordinary leather collar.

Finally, the yellow labrador moved toward St Peter to answer the same question.

Yellow Labrador: “I’m afraid that I do have to admit to being a bit of a boy and being guilty of siring three litters of puppies in the neighbourhood.

St Peter: “Well you have been bad, although I will allow you to stay, however, your kennel will only be big enough to lay down in. Dry dog biscuits will be all that you’ll have, and your collar will be made of sacking.

A little while later the black Labrador was seen to be howling by the kerbside.
The chocolate and the yellow Labrador’s asked, “why on earth are you howling when you have the enormous kennel, your favourite treats and the encrusted diamond collar?”

The black labrador replied, “I’ve just seen the mother of my puppies and she is living in a cardboard box with only water to drink and string around her neck for a collar!”

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