What Is A Designer Dog?

Our domesticated dog evolved from the wolf, and the pedigree breeds that we know today have come about by man’s intervention. Although, it has long been a belief that a cross breed, commonly referred to as a mongrel, is a much hardier and longer-lived dog than a pedigree might be. A mongrel dog is one that has been crossed, probably many times along the way, with the result that their appearance can be a delightful mixture of any so-called pedigree dogs.

A Lovely Mixture

Possibly because of the inbreeding of pedigree dogs, and the inherent health issues that arise from this practice, some people have sought to mix two different pedigree dog breeds to try to find an answer to the problems.

By researching the health issues and different characteristics of various breeds, in an effort to improve on the genetic problems that can occur, the ‘designer dog‘, has been conceived.

It appears that it is mainly the poodle that is used as a cross with almost any other pedigree breed, not only because of it’s intelligence and good temperament, but also because of it’s profuse curly coat that does not moult. Although, it is possible, if you find the exact traits in a dog that you require, to put together any two breeds, to obtain the ‘designer dog’ of your choice.

The resulting puppies from these liaisons have become very fashionable. Two of the most popular examples are Labradoodle (Labrador/Standard Poodle) and Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel/Toy Poodle).

These ‘designer dogs’, being a mix of two purebred dogs, are not a breed in themselves, but for the purpose, are referred to as a hybrid.

Which Two Dogs To Choose?

When opting to have a ‘designer dog’ it is advisable to research the characteristics of both breeds, to ascertain whether they fit into the requirements of your particular family. However, it is possible to get all, none, or any combination of the characteristics of both the breeds that are combined to make a ‘designer dog’. So, be very sure that you are happy with all of the specifics of both breeds, for both you and the puppy’s sake.

Happy Poodle Doodling!

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