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Top 5 Slow Feeder Dog Bowls That Aid Digestion and Prevent Bloat

Stop Your Dog From Golloping Its Food

Does your dog devour its food so fast that it leaves you wondering if you had put any food into the bowl at all?

Although it is perfectly natural behaviour for dogs to gulp their food down as fast as they can before anyone else does, it isn’t desirable. Gulping food down can result in vomiting, gas and burping and could also potentially lead to the fatal disease of ‘bloat’.

If only you could find a way to stop your dog behaving in this way, well now you can with slow feeder dog bowls.

The way these feeders works is to extend the length of time it takes for your dog to eat its meal, thus considerably lessening the likelihood of bloat and regurgitation happening. The outcome being a happier and healthier dog, plus a happy owner.

Kristal Good Manners Slow Feeder Dog Bowls


Reducing the risk of bloating and vomiting, the paw shaped barriers prevent your dog from gulping down their food. This slow feeder dog bowl is heavyweight with non-slip base and an attractive modern gloss coating.

Medium: 14 cm opening, 18 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm, 500 ml capacity
Made with 0.5mm thick high-quality acrylic material

Dishwasher safe
Other colours are available


Outward Hound Fun Slow Feeder Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl

These fun slow feeder dog bowls slow down the rate at which your dog eats and keeps them engaged for up to ten times longer. Improving your dog’s digestion while also giving them a lot of fun at mealtimes. available in two sizes and three colours.
Promotes fun healthy eating and helps to prevent bloat, regurgitation & canine obesity.

Made with high-quality, food-safe ABS plastic
Dishwasher safe
BPA, PVC & phthalate free
Features non-slip base to hold the bowl in place

Drop Caribbean Blue Slow Dog Feeder Bowlspetspyjamas-dropcaribbean-slow-feeder-bowl

Man’s best friend has had to be by nature, a quick eater.  This maze slow feeder dog bowl by Kyjen is a playful solution for those dog’s that gobble up their food too quickly causing them digestive problems. The bowl will teach your canine to ‘chase’ their food through a maze of ridges and valleys, thus making them eat a lot slower.

Small: 22cm (diameter) x 4cm (height)
Large: 27cm (diameter) x 4cm (height).
Rubber-moulded foundation reduces sliding and food spillage.
Holds up to five cups of dry dog food
BPA, PVC and phthalate free
Dishwasher safe

interactive-dog-feeder-greenInteractive Green Dog Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

This green dog feeder is ideal for over-weight dogs and those that suffer from digestive problems. It can be used for both wet and dry food and offers a challenge and fun for your dog at mealtimes.

The bowl is dishwasher friendly

Dimensions are : 28.6 x 40.6 x 11.4 cm

A Maze In A Bowl For Dogs

Designed by veterinarians, these slow feeder dog bowls are very effective in promoting healthy slow eating to prevent bloating and vomiting.

This slow feed dog bowl is biodegradable, non-toxic, shatterproof and dishwasher safe in a bright modern colour. Can be used for dry or wet food. Carefully designed to slow down feeding without frustration and help control canine obesity.

This bowl will help to restore your dogs natural eating habits so that meal times become fun, healthy and above all SLOWER.

Dimensions: 27.9 x 27.9 x 5.1 cm

Not only do these slow dog feeders have those health benefits, they are also mentally challenging, stimulating and entertaining. Scatter your dog’s food quota into these dishes, and watch as they systematically delve about to get the very last morsel out.

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