Dog Cages And Puppy Crates Are A Must!

So you’ve got yourself a new addition to the family…the cutest little bundle of fluff. They’re all ploppy and wobbly, both lovable and amusing with their antics, aren’t they? But when the ooh’s and ah’s have died down, and they do their first little tinkle on your carpet. Or you might come down to find the neatest little-wet hole chewed in your favourite pair of shoes.

Then reality steps in, and the rose-tinted glasses start to fall gently from the end of your nose.

A Dog Cage To The Rescue

Dogit 2 door black wire dog cage, comes in S and XL (check availability)
Dogit 2 door black wire dog cage, comes in S and XL (check availability)

Don’t despair, help is at hand in the shape of dog cages, or dog crates as they are sometimes called. Where once upon a time putting your puppy into a dog crate or dog cage would seem cruel, nowadays it is thought of as the norm. Indeed, it is recommended by vets and dog trainers that we do so, and if used intelligently, puppy crates have considerable advantages. You’re sure to find cheap dog crates for sale to suit your budget.

A Haven For The Older Dog

Not only pups, but adult dogs also like to feel secure, and dog crates for sale will provide the den environment that will make them feel safe. It’s a place they can retreat to if they feel threatened, or especially with an elderly dog, an essential haven for a bit of peace and quiet. Your elderly dog especially needs to be kept off the floor and out of draughts, where a covered over dog cage becomes an ideal cocooned environment for them.

Fabric Soft Adult Dog and Puppy Cage

Bunny Business Fabric Dog/Puppy Cage comes in small, medium, large and extra large sizes (check for availability)
Bunny Business Fabric Dog/Puppy Cage comes in small, medium, large and extra large sizes (check for availability)

An alternative to the metal cage is the soft dog crates. Much lighter than the metal ones and less difficult to carry, they are fitted with carrying handles and a front zipped access door. It comes in red and black, complete with its own carry-bag.

Gone are the days when you would have had to worry about what your puppy was doing while they were unattended.puppy-chewing-boot
# You’d be troubled by what they could be chewing
# Agitated in case they’d tinkled
# Fretting in case they’ve hurt themselves

Because today, your saviour is the humble dog cage, a night in shining metal!

For your pup, a cage is a training aid, a priceless item, a must have. Confining your puppy to their cage while you’re out of the house or during the night, will not only make them feel secure but also give you peace of mind.

Start Dog Cage Training Early

It is important to start your puppy in their cage immediately, not by locking them in, but by playing, to begin with. Put comfortable bedding and their chew toys into the cage.

Start by throwing a ball into the cage, and they will get used to going in and out without the door locked. When they do get sleepy, if they flop down somewhere else, just lift them and place them into the cage and shut the door. That way, they get accustomed to their cage being their sleeping quarters and will gradually retreat there when they are tired.

Consider Using a Dog Cage Cover

Easipet Waterproof cover for dog cages, available in 5 different sizes.
Easipet Waterproof cover for dog cages, available in 5 different sizes.

Throughout the day you can lock the door for short lengths of time to get them used to it, but it must always be a pleasant experience for your pup, not a punishment. Covering the cage with a blanket, or cage covers that you can buy for the purpose, further increase the den-like feeling for your pup.

Dog Safety In Mind

Not only is a cage an invaluable aid to assist in house-training, it also has the added advantage of keeping your puppy safe, during those periods of the day when you are unable to fully keep an eye on them. Also of course, when you leave the house, you know that they are safe and secure inside their cage and not chewing at some electrical wires, drinking bleach, or something equally as devastating.

Never leave their collar on when confined to their cage because it could become entwined in the wire and choke them.


Dog Toilet Training

It is a dog’s nature to make a den for their sleeping quarters, and they would only soil this area if they become absolutely desperate. Thus making it a very useful aid in speeding up the process of house training your pup. However, it is essential that you help them achieve going through the night without needing to wee by not allowing them any water for a while before bed, and putting them out into the garden the last thing.

A dog cage has been proven to be one of the most effective approaches to house training your puppy.

What Size Dog Cage Should You Get?

The size of cage you purchase is important, there should be enough room for your dog to stand and turn around. You may feel that you have to buy a larger cage than your pup needs initially because of the future cost of buying another one.  This is not generally a good idea because there could be a chance that they may use the extra space as a toilet. However, you can buy cage dividers to make the cage to the required size until they eventually grow into it.

Dog cages come in very many shapes and sizes, to suit several different purposes, and getting your puppy used to a cage from an early age has many benefits. Travelling in the car can be difficult with some dogs but if they are

already used to being in their den, then they will feel safe and secure while travelling in a dog travel crate.

A well-made collapsible wire cage will last you a lifetime and will pay for itself immeasurably, making it a really good deal when you consider its numerous advantages.

Featured image credit: Sam Craig Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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