Delicious Dining Dog Food Experiences For Your Dog

Traditionally our dogs are fed on virtually the same dog food every day, with perhaps the odd chew stick thrown in. That can’t be right, can it? We humans don’t have the same thing to eat all the time, we like to have a choice don’t we? Not to mention striving to eat the best that we can nutritionally for our health…five a day and all that. I’m sure the same thing can be said about our canine companions, if only they were able to have the opportunity to choose for themselves.

Be Kind To Your Dog

If like most dog owners, your dog is a member of your family, then obviously you want the best for them as well as yourself. Obviously, with today’s hustle and bustle, it is more convenient to just tip out some biscuits from a packet, or spoon out some jellied meat dog food from a can. Not only can that be a bit boring for your dog, but some of the cheaper commercial dog foods can have mystery ingredients and are supplemented with preservatives and additives.

A rule of thumb should be, if you wouldn’t feed it to your family then why would you want to feed it to your dog. However, there are some commercial dog foods that are better than others, such as James Wellbeloved and Arden Grange that come recommended by vets.

Wouldn’t it be rather nice to give your dog a change from their usual dining experience, with home cooked nutritional food…if only now and again?

However, it should be remembered, a dogs digestive system is a lot simpler than our own and there are some foods that could be really harmful to them. Listed below are some of those foods to steer clear of when cooking for your dog, ordinary food to us, but potentially fatal to your dog.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but the most common foods that can cause different symptoms, such as, vomiting, diarrhoea and possibly more serious illnesses.

These Are A No No

Citrus Oil
Coffee, Tea, and Other Caffeine
Corn On The Cob
Eggs Raw
Grapes and Raisins
Macadamia Nuts
Persimmons, Peaches, and Plums
Potato Raw
Raw Fish
Raw Meat
Yeast Dough

Feeding your dog the correct dog food ingredients, avoiding too much protein, and giving a good balance of carbohydrates and permitted vegetables, will make your dog happy and healthy.

Save our Dogs

Deciding to go down the home cooked route will result in giving your dog the best opportunity of a life bursting with health. While also reducing the possibility of developing illnesses that have been clearly connected to the chemicals that are added to many of the commercial foods on the market. Experts in the field are now advising that inferior quality food could be damaging the health of British dogs.

Delicious Dog Food Recipes

There are probably several books on the market that give their interpretation of recipes for dogs. However, Dinner For Dogs by a lady called Henrietta Morrison that was published in 2012 not only gives 50 tasty recipes for which she had the help of a vet but also gives tips and advice.  There is also an experimental version published in 2015.

She gives information on how to keep your dog happy and healthy, while also helping to reduce the cost of your vet bills.

The author’s border terrier Lily was the prompt for writing the book because of her continuing health problems. After beginning to cook for Lily, her problems disappeared, and so the book was born. Henrietta is a passionate believer that our canine companion should have the very same standard of food that we consume ourselves. In the book, you will find recovery recipes for ailing dogs, as well as those for puppies among other nourishing regular recipes that can be used every day.

This delightful book is a must-have for dog lovers, and also can be a delicious treat for their dogs.

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