9 Cute Dachshund Dogs Escape


The dachshund dog is a short legged, long bodied very popular little dog. Sometimes called sausage dog, doxie or weiner, they appear to have mastered the art of escaping, whatever confinement that they find themselves in.


Dachshund on white background

Small, Dachshunds May Be, But Shrinking Violets, They Are Not

These following amusing videos show the intelligence, tenacity and determination of Dachshund dogs…not to mention their cuteness.


Waldo, aka Houndini, obviously a mountaineer in the making. But, all the comments are right, please don’t allow your Dachshund puppy to do this.

Persistance pays off for this little sweetie dachshund. Watch when she returns to the scene of the crime and gives a victory howl.

Squeeze a Sausage Dog Through a Hole!

Reece the dachshund has shown the others a thing or two. If you want something bad enough, keep going for it. Obviously they can’t get through that gap, but they could have taken the lead from her and jumped over.

This super sausage dog succeeds.

Sylvester Sausage Dog

Obviously the dumbbells played a part in building up his strength to be able to pull the cage apart. A Sylvester Stalone sausage dog in the making.

‘If at first you don’t succeed’ as the saying goes. The encouragement from his mate was probably the spur that he needed to keep at it.

Dachshund Finds The Key To Escape Its Prison

I don’t think this Dachshund was reckoning on the lock being so tasty.

Cody The Dachshund Perseveres and Allows Himself and Lucy The Dachshund to Escape

Hooray! You did it! Persistance pays off.

Maddy The Dachshund Wants Her Mummy!

Where are you? I need to be with you. No matter how small you are, you can achieve your dreams.

The moral of the story is…do not dare to detain your Dachshund dogs, because you will not succeed.


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