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Unusual Dog ID Tags For Your Dog

Don’t Lose Your Dog, Give Them Dog ID Tags

Ok, so your dog has got to wear a dog tag by law. But who’s to say it has to be plain and boring. Why not treat your dog, or a friend with a dog, to a lovely, out of the ordinary dog name tags.

The control of dogs order of 1992 in the UK requires that dogs must wear a dog tags UK, with name address and postcode. Exceptions are working dogs, but they must be proven that they are.  Also from April 2016, it will become compulsory for your dog to be microchipped.

It’s important for your own peace of mind and your dog’s security to fit them with engraved dog tags.

There are some really lovely and unusual dog tags for pets that are made from all kinds of different materials, suiting most tastes. For example nickel, silver, brass, copper, aluminium and rhinestones.

Add Sparkle to Your Dog’s Identification Tagetsy-tagmepettags-dog-tag

This attractive dog tag is hand-made out of nickel and copper with a choice of nine different rhinestone colours.

A solid 1″ disc of nickel is stamped on the front with another disc of hammered copper to conceal your phone number under it. To make it that little bit special, a twinkly rhinestone has been added. It is a stainless steel split ring, not a brass coloured one as shown in the photo.


• Handmade
• Made to order
• Copper, nickel, antique ass coloured setting and rhinestones
• Ships to the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, United States and Australia
• Etsy Gift Cards accepted
• Made by TagMePetTags

Stand Out In The Crowd

etsy-tazzpettags-dog-tagMade to order from copper and metal, this delightful hand stamped dog tag is decorated with paw prints, hearts and stars and a dragonfly charm. With a distressed oxidised appearance to make it stand out.


• Handstamped with tiny hearts and stars
• Distressed oxidized appearance with hammered edges
• Two jump rings, ready to attach to your dog’s collar
• 1.25″ Tilted Copper Heart
• Handmade
• Ships worldwide from Canada
• Made by TazzPetTags

The name of your dog will be printed on the reverse of the dog identification tag.

Don’t Lose Your Dogs ID Tag Any more


A bespoke dog ID tag with a bit of a difference, available in copper, aluminium and brass materials. These dog tags slide onto the dog’s collar making them ideal for those boisterous types of dogs who are always running through bushes and losing their tags.


• Handmade
• Materials: Copper, Aluminium, Brass
• Made to order
• Sizes: Small 45mm x 25mm – (This fits a 16mm – 20mm collar)
• Large – 57mm x 32mm (This fits a 21mm – 25mm collar)
• Choice of copper, brass or aluminium
• Choice of fonts
• Small tags can comfortably fit 4 lines of text (max 15 characters per line)
• Large tags can fit 5 lines of text (16 characters per line)
• Only ships within the United Kingdom
Made by StampItWithLove

Ideal for those dogs who compete in sports such as Canix and Agility where loose tags may have to be removed.

Yours Is The ‘Top Dog’ With a Personalised Dog Tagetsy-baxsboutique-dog-tag

Although this delightful dog ID tag has the practicality of helping to reunite you with your dog should you lose it, it also has a stunning appearance. Made out of copper, Tibetan gold and aluminium, your canine will be the ‘top dog’ in the neighbourhood. Copper 1″ disc with hand stamped cascading hearts topped with a Tibetan gold heart charm. A regular polish with a soft cloth will keep the shine.


• Handmade item
• Materials: copper, Tibetan gold, aluminium
Made to order
• Made by BaxsBoutique
• Ships worldwide from Milton Keynes, England

This is a  chunky aluminium disc that is 1 1/4″ (32mm) wide and has all of your personal details on the back so that if your furry friend should go missing, then you can quickly be reunited.

Personalised Dog Tagetsy-keiiekpettags-dog-tag

This bone is not for chewing!

This bright dog identification tag is made from aluminium, you can choose from nine different colours for the smaller disc. It is hand stamped and personalised to your requirements and has a bone charm attached.

Don’t let your furry friend have a run of the mill boring old dog tag. They have to have one so why not make it special!


• Handmade item
• Material: Aluminium
Made to order
• Ships worldwide from Ottawa, Canada
Made by KeiiekPetTags

The larger 1″  hammered-edge aluminium disc also features a smaller coloured disc of your choice plus bone charm and heart stamp. The hand stamped and personalised dog tag will have your phone number on the front of the coloured disc unless you state otherwise. A matching split ring is provided to attach to your pooch’s collar.

Find a wide range of beautiful and unusual dog tags to suit your doggie.

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    1. Hi Caitlin, I’m afraid we don’t make tags ourselves. This was an article from 2016 where you reviewed tags made by some sellers on Etsy. A couple of the sellers don’t seem to be operating on Etsy now, but I’ve added links to the first two sellers on the list.

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