Use a Puppy Training Kit to Teach Your Pup

Have You Got a New Puppy?

Before going to get your new pup, there’s no doubt that you will have given careful consideration to what breed of dog you want. Maybe you prefer big dogs, but they need a lot of feeding, or maybe a little dog that will sit on your lap. Then again you might think about getting one that doesn’t shed its coat, but then they’ll need to go to the groomers every so often for clipping with that added expense. What about one that needs lots of exercise that you can take for long walks…if you’ve got the time for that. Or perhaps one that needs very little exercise might suit your lifestyle better.

As you have probably discovered, there are quite a lot of things to take into consideration before you can take your new bundle of fluff home with you.

Make Your Pup Into One That Everyone Wants to Know

However, one thing is for sure, whatever breed you do decide on, they will need socialising and training as an important part of their development. Your puppy needs to experience everyday life by being handled, meeting people, seeing traffic etc. so that they gain confidence and don’t become fearful and difficult to handle. Of course, they do need to have their vaccinations before they can go out.

Basic obedience training should start virtually straight away, and a great way to begin this is with the Mikki Teaching Your Puppy Kit from the PuppyRite range. It incorporates all the elements you will need to teach your pup the necessary commands and obedience. You will find that the reward-based training is easily fitted into your schedule and will help to build your pup’s confidence while forming a bond between you.

  • amazon-mikki-puppy-training-kitMikki Mini Ragger Toy – Helps you gain your puppy’s attention and keep his focus
  • Mikki House Line – Helps you train your puppy from a distance
  • Mikki Treat Pouch – Allows you easy access to your puppy’s rewards
  • Mikki Puppy Training Guide – Proven training techniques and expert advice for you and your dog, written by the animal behaviourist, Claire Arrowsmith.

Teach the Basics First

#1. Teach basic puppy training commands, for example, ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘come’, ‘heel’.
#2. Reward your puppy for behaviours that you would like to encourage.
#3. Help prevent puppy behaviour that you dislike.
#4. Build your puppy’s confidence and attention span.
#5. Develop a close bond and teamwork with your puppy.
#6. Plus professional advice for puppies over 8 weeks old.

Above all…have fun with your puppy!

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