So…I’m an Old and Ugly Dog! I Still Need Loving!

Underdogs Are Adorable

Cute little furry, floppy-eared, puppies do not have difficulty in being chosen at the rescue kennels, it’s the odd-looking, maybe matted furred, lopsided mouthed, buggy eyed, three-legged or elderly dogs that get overlooked.

Don’t walk on by and dismiss these so-called misfits. They are beautiful in their own way and have so much love to give. Stop and take another look, at the old or ugly dog, their imperfections can be endearing, see the beauty within.

Older dogs have a lot to give, so they may be suffering from achy joints, bad breath, hearing loss or cataracts but so do some of our friends, and we don’t abandon them. Ok, elderly dogs can be a bit grumpy, they have the right, and anyway, give me a grumpy old dog to a grumpy old man or woman any day.

Top 7 Reasons for Adopting An Old and Ugly Dog

Help! I’m an old and ugly dog. Bless!
  • #1. There are no surprises; they’re not going to grow any more, and you will already know their character.
  • #2. They take more notice of you than a young whippersnapper would.
  • #3. Abandoned oldies in the evening of their life, are devoted and grateful for that loving second chance.
  • #4. They do their own thing and don’t require your constant attention as a puppy would.
  • #5. Being old hands, they know the ropes and so they settle in quickly.
  • #6. An older dog will already be house trained and well over the chewing upstage. A positive bonus!
  • #7. They require a much quieter life than a puppy so you won’t get run ragged every five minutes.

The best reason of all is that they are so gorgeous!

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