Dogs Can Save Lives By Being A Dog Blood Donor

Don’t Wait Until Your Dog Needs A Blood Transfusion, Take Them to be a Dog Blood Donor Now.

Obviously, your dog cannot make a decision to donate their blood, although I’m sure that they would if they could, so it’s down to you to do it for them. Probably a lot of dog owners are totally unaware that their dog can be a dog blood donor and the importance of it. Probably you would only get to know about it if your dog had been in need of the facility.

The little-known charity, Pet Blood Bank UK, works in the same way as our own blood bank. The blood bank for dogs charity, which was established in 2007, says that just one donation can potentially save the lives of four dogs.

Blood Donor Dog

Previously, vets and nurses had used their own dogs in emergencies. Visiting veterinary practices throughout the country, the charity collects 450ml donations, similar to that given by human donors. The welfare of the blood donor dog is of paramount importance during this procedure, so should they be at all distressed by the process, then it is stopped.

Dog Blood Transfusions

The charity needs to raise awareness of the importance of dogs giving blood to support the needs of sick and injured dogs which need lifesaving blood transfusions, collecting blood from dog donors at organised collection sessions in locations throughout the UK. The blood that is donated at these sessions is then supplied to UK veterinary practices after being processed at the unit in Loughborough.

Here are 10 from the list of frequently asked questions that may concern you. You can click on the link to find the answers to these and others at Pet Blood BankUK.

#1. How often can dogs donate blood?
#2. Does donating blood hurt a dog?
#3. Can a dog receive blood from any other dog and do they have blood types?
#4. Why should people get their dogs to donate blood?
#5. How is the blood stored?
#6. Do all dogs across the UK have access to the blood bank?
#7. Why is it important for dogs to donate blood?
#8. How much blood do dogs donate?
#9. How long does it take for blood to be replaced after donation?
#10. What happens at a blood collection session?
All these questions and more are answered here at Pet Blood Bank UK

Go to Pet Blood Bank Uk, register your dog, fill in their criteria and then find out where the dog blood donation session locations are in your area and take your dog along.

You never know…some day your dog may be in need of it themselves.

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