Christmas Dog Treats


Is Father Christmas Coming To Your Doggie?

Are we a nation of silly dog lovers? According to a recent report, we spend more on Christmas dog treats for our dog at Christmas than we do on our partner. That’s probably not too hard to believe when you see how some of us dote on our pooches. Maybe it is right that we treat our canine companions as part of the family, but possibly not so right treating them as humans. However, what real harm does it do and it certainly brings oodles of pleasure to a great deal of people.

Treats and snacks, especially healthy ones, have been proven to be the gift of choice. Which one of us can watch our dog sitting there, as we ooh and aah over our presents, while those soulful eyes seem to be saying ‘where’s mine.’ Of course, they are probably thinking no such thing, and it’s just us equating them to human beings again.

Dog Gifts, They’re Worth Itpets-pyjamas-christmas-dog treat box

The recession appears to be no barrier to buying gifts for dogs, such as, Christmas dog treat boxes, stockings, edible novelties, collars, chewy sticks and the like. Apparently, in the UK, pet owners spend £25m of their hard-earned cash, on treating dogs as well as cats, in the run up to Christmas.

Toxic Dog Treats!

It’s true that most of us binge on chocolate, cake and drink over the couple of days of Christmas, and although we love to treat our dog’s,it can be dangerous to their health to give them the same food as ourselves.

With all the festivities going on, and extra people in the house, you could be forgiven for taking your mind off your pooch. There is chocolate, cake, and mince pies, bits of tinsel, fir tree and plants etc. hanging about within easy reach of your dog. All can be toxic if eaten by your four-legged friend. It’s essential that everyone, including children, are aware that anything that could be harmful, is not left where your dog can get access to it.

The Perfect Dog Giftpets-pyjamas-westie-in-jumper

Locating the ideal gift for your partner can sometimes be a trial…will they like it or will they be disappointed with your choice? All these questions and worries could prove to take the shine from the occasion. Not so with your furry friend, they’ll be pleased with whatever you give them, unless of course it’s a purple dog sweater. Although, thinking about it, a purple dog sweater could become a very comfortable, cosy bed I suppose.

I’m sure that most dogs would rather have a romp across the fields than a matching collar and coat…and maybe a little bit of turkey on their return.

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