Top Four Favourite Dog Toys

Get Your Dog A Present, Give Favourite Dog Toys

There are a vast array of toys, that we as humans, use on a daily basis to occupy our time. There’s I pod’s, there are jigsaws, there’s Nintendo’s, model cars, books and tv etc.etc. Each one suits the same purpose, that of keeping us busy and stopping us from getting bored. Because dogs are almost human (that’s what some of us think anyway) it stands to reason that they also need to have toys to play with.

As with the diversity of toys available to us, there is also a huge range of dog toys on the market to select from too. Read about the top favourite four dog toys here.

Forget The Toothpastepet-planet-nylabone

Nylabone is a registered trademark and originally only provided the hard nylon, bone-shaped chews. Today, it does still come in the usual traditional plastic, but also in an edible chew type as well.

You can get them in variable shapes, sizes, flavours and colours too. So, if you want a pink one, or a puppy’s teething ring similar to a human baby’s, then they’ve got it. Oh! I almost forgot they’re very good for keeping their teeth clean too.

pet-planet-kong-toyIt’s Certainly Kong, And Could Be King

To the uninitiated, the name Kong, in relation to a dog toy might sound very strange. However, a Kong toy is probably one of the best-known chew toys on the market.

A Kong has cavities that you stuff with treats, treats like, dried fruit, pasta, apple, cheese, dog food, dog biscuit, bread, cereal or Kong stuffing mix to name but a few; I’m sure you will think of more.

It is advisable not to pack the last pieces in too solidly so that they are unable to get it started, though I’m sure that with a bit of practice on both sides your dog will get hours of pleasure from it.

A Kong is made from strong, safe, durable rubber and comes in several different shapes and colours. There will be a Kong toy for all types of dog, be it puppies, or small, medium and large dogs, plus even seniors are catered for.

Chuck It And See Them Go! pet-panet-chuckit-pro-launcher

What can you say about a ball? Balls have been the mainstay of dog toys for many years. Although some dogs do get pleasure while playing alone with a ball, primarily a ball is for interaction play with their owner. If you do have a dog that likes to run after a thrown ball, a Chuckit Pro Translucent Launcher Max Glow is an ideal bit of equipment. Not only does it allow you to throw the ball much further, it also keeps your hands from getting saliva and mud on them. Bliss!

pet-planet-cosmo-rubber-dog-toyKnotty Problem

Dogs love to pull and tug, and a knotted rope is an ideal toy that is safe and durable for this kind of game. Although a knotted rope toy may have a nice soft feel for your dog’s mouth, they do work really well in helping to keep their gums and teeth clean.

Toys for your dog provide hours of pleasure.

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