Celebrities And Their Pets

Read About Celebrities And Their Pets

Author Sheila Collins has written a book about celebrities and their pets that is in aid of the PDSA. The book furthers the achievements of The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), which is the UK’s principal veterinary charity that provides free treatment for sick and injured animals.

The book is a glimpse into the lives of some famous people and their favourite pets. It’s interesting and
endearing to see what kind of pet these well-known celebrities choose to share their lives with. It shows a soft and touching side to their relationship with their chosen pet, and as they come from all walks of celebrity life, to include sport, fashion, TV, politics and more, you’re sure to have some of your favourites among them.

It’s an entertaining book, that may throw up a few surprises as you discover which pets each famous person owns. Proving perhaps, that even the hardest, toughest of us, has a tender, soft side where our pets are concerned.

We possibly all wonder what the celebrities get up to in their private lives and this book gives a great insight into their more mushy side when it comes to their pets.

The book can be bought from Amazon: Celebrities’ Favourite Pets: In Aid of the PDSA by Sheila Collins with the foreword by Bob Champion.

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