Shih-Tzu puppy with flowers in the garden.

Dog Safety Is Paramount, Is Your Garden Doggie Safe?

Because we’re experiencing some lovely warm weather at the moment we will more than likely have the back door permanently open.  Although it’s nice for our beloved pooches to be able to just saunter in and out to the back garden as and when it takes their fancy, dog safety must be at the forefront of our minds.

However, as a result, they could be spending quite a bit of time out there by themselves. For this reason it’s a good idea to assume the role of the parent of a very lively toddler, and ensure that your garden is safe and dog-friendly.

Check Your Garden!

Even though it is common sense, checking your perimeter fence for holes and damage can sometimes be forgotten. It’s essential to look behind shrubs where breakages could have occurred and would ordinarily go unnoticed. Also, if you have a dog that can jump very high, it might be advisable to fit them with a breakaway collar just in case they get tangled up in the fence or shrubs.

Beware, It Could Be Toxic!

Although it is possible to buy garden chemicals that are safe for animals, you should thoroughly examine labels to ensure that you have bought the right one. Check your garden to make sure that rat poison, slug pellets etc. haven’t been used that you have forgotten about.

Some plants and bulbs, for example, buttercup, clematis, daffodils, tulips and crocus to name but a few, are poisonous to dogs. It would be wise to investigate before purchasing any plant that you have your eye on, to avoid any mishaps.

Doggies Love a Paddle?

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your garden it should be covered at all times, and only allow your dog into the pool when you can supervise. Even though most dogs can swim, it is still possible that they can get into difficulties, so it is vital that you are there to assist if this should happen.

Woof! Got A Spare Sausage?

Picture the scene…it’s a lovely sunny day and you invite your friends and neighbours round to a barbecue. It’s inevitable that you will be too busy to police what your friends are doing at all times. Keep dog safety in mind.

Certain foods, and certainly alcohol are harmful to dogs, and can make them very ill. At a barbecue people can, and do, leave uneaten food and drink on plates and in glasses under their chair. Be aware before the event, keep your dog away from the area, and perhaps, so they don’t feel left out, save them a sausage for later.

A lot of dogs do love to bask in the sun, but you must ensure that they have a bowl of water and a shady area that they can escape to.Jack Russells playing in the garden.If you find that your garden is such that your dog would not be safe left unattended, or that you would be concerned about them digging up your prized blooms, then the alternative could be a fenced off dog run. Think dog safety!

If you implement all of these precautions, then you can relax in the knowledge that your adorable pooch will be safe to enjoy their time in the garden.


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