No More Spilled Water With This Road Refresher Dog Water Bowl

There’s Definitely No Spills, But Maybe Some Thrills With The Road Refresher Dog Water Bowldogs--food-water-bowls--road-refresher--non-spill-bowl--ptc-00115--0

The thrills will come when you discover that this, patented award-winning, Road Refresher bowl does just what it says…it does NOT spill.
How many times have you accidentally kicked the dog’s bowl and spewed water all over the floor? That’ll be a thing of the past with this non-spill dog’s water bowl.  And again, what about when your dog slobbers water all over the floor… this bowl will eliminate 90% of that happening.

The road refresher dog bowl design is such that those breeds with long ears or bearded chins will be able to drink without dangling them in the water, avoiding the need to get your hair dryer out.

Travelling With Your Dog

As mentioned, the benefits for use in the home are unmistakable, but it can also be used for when you’re travelling in the car. A real advantage, especially in summer when your dog may need water more often, is that you can leave the bowl in the car and not worry about it spilling. The Christmas holidays are nearly upon us and many of us will be travelling around the country to see our families and the bowl will be a boon for those long journeys.

While the Road Refresher Water Bowl will allow your dog access to the water at all times, the clever design works by restricting the flow, when either going over bumps or braking in the car, for example, thus avoiding any spillages.

The bowl has a velcro base so affixes itself to carpets, while also having extra safe fixing pads should you need to use it on other surfaces.

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