7 Dog Mugs for Gifts

Pack of Proud Pooches mug.

Dog mugs I hear you say, no not their faces, but yes those as well. All sounds double dutch? Well don’t despair, all will become clear when you see this gorgeous selection of mugs with dogs on. Yes, mugs with dogs on are always something a dog lover would like to receive, especially if the dog of their dreams is depicted.

So sit back and have a look at what you could soon be holding in your hand, with some hot steaming tea or coffee, or maybe a delicious creamy hot chocolate.

Stroke All The Dogs Mug

If stroking dogs is your thing, you’re going to love this dogs mug to sup your coffee in. The mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe and is available in five colour variations, to  include black, blue, red, yellow and white. A great gift for all you dog lovers out there.Dogs mug.

Hot Dogs Cup and Saucer

This very pretty bone china dog mug was designed by Sarah January.

Made by ARTHOUSE Meath who is a social enterprise celebrating the artistic talents of adults living with severe epilepsy and learning difficulties.

Hot dogs cup and saucer.Dogs Mug

This is a sleek, modern black and white beautiful fine bone china dog mug designed by Margaret Mace. Th fresh looking monochrome dogs mug can be microwaved and is dishwasher safe.

Dogs mug.Dogs In the Park Ceramic Mug

This dishwasher safe, colourful ceramic dog mug, depicts several dogs happily playing in the park together. The featured breeds are Poodle, Scottish Terrier, Whippet, Dalmatian, Border Terrier and Dachshund.

It comes lovingly packaged in a specially made cardboard box, making it an ideal gift for a dog lover.

Dogs in the park ceramic mug.Personalised Dog Mug

This gorgeous china dog mug can be personalised for a man or woman and will include the name of your dog. Most popular breeds are depicted like this Dachshund/Sausage Dog mug, but other breeds can be supplied. The large 11oz mug is dishwasher safe.

Personalised dog mug.Personalised I Heart My Dog Mug

These pink or blue ceramic dog mugs, are custom made with the breed of your choice and can be personalised with your dogs name. A variety of dog breeds are supplied, like one of these that are a Cocker Spaniel and a Staffie dog mug.

Create your very own customised mug to include your much-loved dogs name. An ideal gift for any dog lover.

  • Personalised dog mug.Pack of Proud Pooches Mug

A very colourful, very doggie mug, with many illustrations of delightful dogs. Perfect for yourself or the dog lover in your life. This fine bone china mug is ok to put into the dishwasher and holds 9 fl oz of whatever drink you choose to have.

Many different breeds are depicted, some in doggie attire, you’re sure to love this beautiful dog mug.

Pack of Proud Pooches mug.You’d have to be a mug not to get yourself one of these delightful doggie mugs. Go on, treat yourself, or someone you care about.

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