Puppy Chihuahua

P Is For Puppies, Also For Potty Training and Patience

Puppies, no matter what breed they are, are all flipping gorgeous. All the tumbling ploppyness of them just gladdens your heart.

However, when the initial ooh’s and aah’s of your new arrival have subsided a little, the looming question of puppy potty training raises it’s head above the squeaky toys. At first you say, ‘it’s only a little tinkle, that’s not too bad, it’s only a teaspoon’. But soon, before you know it, a little teaspoon becomes a half pint, and that isn’t so much fun.

What A Good Boy!

You’ve got to start straight away, put them out after every nap and also after every feed. Ok, so that could turn out to be several times a day, but as the title says, puppies need patience. They’ll love it, and just think ‘great! this is a good game’, while you’re shivering away in your night clothes. Just remember the p word.

Take them on their lead out into the garden to the place that you would like them to go. Use a phrase such as, ‘do wees’, or what ever you feel comfortable with. Puppies love to have your approval, be consistent, and always give lots of praise as they are performing, then they will understand what they are being praised for.because they do love to have your approval.

It’s surprising how they can soon get the hang of it, although, as in children, some take longer than others, but they do all get there in the end.

Don’t Have The Latest Scandal On Your Carpet

Some people who do not have easy access to outside space, start by putting newspaper down at the outside door for their puppy to go on. However, newspaper doesn’t soak up very well and can leave newsprint on your floor.

A much better solution is puppy house training pads, these pads are a very good idea to start your puppy toilet training with.

You do have to have your mind on what your puppy is doing at all times, so that when they do start to tinkle in the wrong place, you can remove them to the puppy training pad and praise them for doing it there.

As they grow, it usually isn’t much of a transition for them to realise, that outside is the place where they get even more praise, and maybe even a treat for going.


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