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Choosing a Dog, but What Dog?

Choosing a dog depends on more than just a cute face, the best dog will be the one that will fit into your lifestyle and family. So it’s a mistake to just buy on a whim and a warm lick, or a waggy tail and a ploppy body.

Dog Breed Selector

Possibly we all have our favourite dog types, but choosing a dog breed should take into account whether their characteristics and size will suit your way of living. An impulse decision in choosing a dog breed could seriously backfire and is something to be avoided by proper thought and research. Group of dog breeds.For instance, it can sometimes be a mistake to think that a large dog breed needs a lot of exercise and a small dog breed doesn’t, but that is not always the case. So that is why it is important to do proper research to determine the breed that would be right for you.

Match the Dog to Your Requirements

Before getting a dog, the criteria, among others, to consider are:

  • How much time will you have to give to the dogs care
  • Will the dog be safe with your children
  • If you’re in rental, will it comply with your contract
  • Who will be responsible for the exercise
  • Is it important to you if the dog sheds hair a lot
  • Do you have a garden or can you take it out several times a day

What Size of Dog Will Fit Your Lifestyle

Obviously personal preference comes into it, but also the dog has to be a manageable size to fit, not only your home, but also your family’s ages. Labrador and Dachshund.Large dogs may unintentionally knock young children over.  Although there may be particular larger breeds that might not need a lot of exercise, they will need a fair amount of space to move around the home freely. For instance, an Irish Wolfhound, Mastiff or Great Dane could not live comfortably in a small flat.

What Age of Dog to Consider?

Choosing a dog, a puppy or an older dog, that is the question? Once again it depends on how much time you have to give, and how much time you want to give. It’s no secret that pups are hard work and require a lot of attention.

Despite being hard work, getting a pup has its advantages, in that you can train them to your standards right from the start, and have the satisfaction of helping them to grow into a well-rounded and confident dog. Also being able to acclimatise them to children from a young age is essential.Puppy cupped in a hand.An older dog  has the advantage that they are generally calmer, usually already house-trained, and hopefully will have learned all of their manners. There are many rescue dogs looking for their forever home that will fit this bill admirably.

How Much Exercise Will Your Dog Need?

Try to meet the dogs exercise requirements with your own activity levels. For example, do you want a dog that will go jogging with you, or perhaps a five mile trek, or are you happy just to stroll around the block? Basset Hounds.There will be a dog that will be ideal for whatever your own capabilities are.

A Wash and Brush Up

All dog coats need some attention, but some more than others, like brushing, combing, washing or trimming at the dog groomers. When choosing a breed, consider whether you have the time or the finances to deal with what their grooming needs will require.Wet Chihuahua in pink bath.On the subject of hair and mess, some breeds shed more than others, and some slobber more than others so researching the breeds that you are initially interested in is an absolute must. You don’t want to get your new addition to the family home only to find out that their fur is going to need more attention than you feel able to give.

When Buying a Puppy

Wherever you buy your puppy it’s essential that you see where it is kept, see that it’s clean, see at least one of it’s parents, and also see how they interact with their litter mates and the seller. If the seller will not let you see any of these things, then you must walk away. Something is not right and you will only be heading for heartache.Three puppies.Don’t always fall for the sorry little one in the corner, of course it’s not always correct, but sometimes they may have something wrong. The upfront and interested in you pup, should probably be the one to pick. Check that they their fur and skin is clean, they look well fed, and their eyes and nose are clean.

Everyone in the family, even existing pet dogs, should be involved in the choosing of a new dog to join the family. Everyone has to agree, and believe that it will be possible for you all to get along.

Older Dogs Are Great!

Of course, if you take on an adult rescue dog you mostly have no idea of their previous life. However, the staff at the rescue centre will have taken time to assess the dog and will have a pretty good idea of the temperament etc. of that dog. It would not be in theirs, or the dogs interest, to let the dog go to an unsuitable environment.Brown rough coated dog. So, when choosing a dog, arm yourself with as many questions as you can, of the sort of dog that you would like, and take yourself down to one of your local dog rescue centres. Adopting a rescue dog and giving them a forever home can be so rewarding.

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