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How To Overcome Dog Anxiety

Have you got a dog that is easily upset by the noises of everyday life, maybe by the hoover, washing machine, motorbikes, or anything that makes a loud noise? Does your dog display dog anxiety symptoms, and do you need dog calming answers? These suggestions for dealing with some types of dog stress because of noise fear may well work for any noise that is upsetting your pooch.

Guy Fawkes night, New Year, and just about any festivity is celebrated by the letting off of fireworks it seems, and it’s a terrifying experience for most dogs, even if they are not generally afraid of everyday noises. While it may be enjoyable to some of us, our canine companions could be absolutely petrified.

French Bulldog puppy frightened.

These celebrations are not going to stop any time soon, so we have to come up with a solution to relieve the anxiety of our stressed-out pooches, and ultimately ourselves, because we don’t like to see them going through it.

Help Your Noise Stressed Dog

If it’s an occasion when you know that there is going to be fireworks then you can make preparations beforehand.

Close curtains and leave the lights on to act against firework flashes. Also, you can use a canine-appeasing pheromone spray or plug-in like Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser.

Play some fairly loud music in an attempt to block out the bangs. As well as, recommended by vets and animal behaviourists, you could use a Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dogs.Thundershirt anxiety shirt for dogs. This garment, a tight material resembling a coat, provides a constant gentle pressure that has been proven to have a calming effect on a dog.

Apparently, pressure is used in lots of different situations with both animals and people to relieve anxiety. For example, the age-old remedy of swaddling a baby to calm them and send them to sleep.

Vets use pressure on some animals when giving injections to relax the animal. It’s used in autism to alleviate frequent anxiety, and used on children with behavioural difficulties to help them become less tense.

A Dog Crate Or Cage Can Be Their Sanctuary

A crate has many uses, one of which, is helping to relieve your dog from a situation that causes them to be uneasy. The RAC metal fold flat dog crate would be suitable.  It would be ideal if your dog was to be acquainted with the crate several weeks ahead of it being needed. Your dog needs to establish only a positive, happy association with the crate and if you allow them to sleep and feed in it without ever shutting the door, it will become their haven whenever they feel threatened.

There is a range of crate covers and bumpers to further assist in the safe den feeling, but a blanket will also suffice to make it feel the same.

Or Build A Dog Safe Den

Select a place, either in an under stairs cupboard, behind a settee or under a table; anywhere that your dog will feel safe and make it comfortable with blankets and cushions and their favourite toys. Be sure to praise and reward them when they are in their den so that they form a happy positive attachment to it, and it becomes a comforting place to retreat to when they are frightened.

Ultimately It’s Down To You

A dog will sense your nervousness and become anxious as well, so even if you are worried, it is imperative for your dog that you remain calm. Ignore any nervous behaviour from your dog and do not show if you are fearful yourself.

It’s probably not a good idea take your dog out for a run prior to the festivities starting because it could only make them worse. Far better to stay in, give them something to eat and have a play session to distract them.

One toy that is ideal and will keep them occupied for a long while, is the sort that you can stuff with titbits. There are different types, for example, a Kong Dogs Chew toy that will engage and entertain them, keeping their mind from what is going on outside.

Boxer puppy with Kong toy.It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Ensure that your dog has a collar with ID tag and is microchipped; just in case they escape. Ensure that all doors, windows and cat/dog flaps are locked.

Dog’s Hearing

Sudden bangs make us jump even when we know what has caused it. So as a dog doesn’t have the knowledge about the noises as we have, and their hearing is much more receptive than our own, it is understandable that they become distressed. However, there is a lot that can be done to reduce the stress that dog’s and their owners suffer during these times.

Get To Know The Signs of Dog Anxiety

It’s good to know the signs of when your dog is becoming stressed so that you are able to deal with it quickly. Their symptoms could be anything from trembling, pacing, panting, shaking, barking or sticking to you like glue. Or they may try to hide in cupboards or behind furniture, or even defecate in the house.

If your dog is very panicky, a visit to your vet or perhaps to a behaviour therapist might be called for, where dogs that have over-anxious noise phobia problems can be dramatically improved.

Some Helpful Solutions

Tranquillisers and sedatives from the vet could be another route to go down but are not generally recommended today. It was found that although the earlier prescribed medication did calm the dog, it didn’t address the actual fear. Medicines treating phobias in dogs today are much improved, but it is felt that it is far better and more humane to practise behavioural techniques these days.

If your dog is nervous about everyday noises, new things, new people, or just about anything, then a calming music CD could be your answer. The Calming Music for Dogs CD’s are based on research in how a canine nervous system reacts to sounds, and have been clinically demonstrated to deeply relax them, with music to calm and de-stress.

Essentially, If your dog is happy…then so are you.

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