Dog looking through fence.

Be Alert To Dog Thieves!

Possibly because of the past recession, and maybe unemployment, dog theft to order is occurring all too often. Dog-napping unfortunately is on the rise, so it would be helpful if you are made aware of how the thieves are attempting to steal your prized dogs, and avoid the distress caused to both yourselves and your dog.

Open Or Shut, It’s Still Not A Good Idea

We know that, especially in hot weather, dogs should not be left in cars with the windows closed. However, it isn’t a good idea to leave your dog in the car with the windows partly open either.

Black Labrador in the car.

Apart from the danger of overheating, partially open windows make your dog an easy target for dog snatchers; windows can be forced open or smashed to allow access to your cherished canine.

Be On Your Guard!

Although a highly prized dog breed is an attractive financial proposition for a dog snatcher, even an adorable scruffy mutt should not be left unattended to tempt a passing criminal to carry them off.

Dachshund by the garden gate.

You may think that leaving your dog in your own back garden is a safe thing to do but police reports will show that it can be fraught with danger. You wouldn’t think it possible, but even the larger breeds, such as German Shepherds, Dobermanns, and Rottweillers are not safe from the crooked thieves. Dog-nappers have wicked ways of luring your four-legged friend away, so be on your guard.

Don’t Give Them The Opportunity

How often do you see a dog tethered outside a supermarket, the library or the bank? Probably you see it quite a few times without giving it a thought and maybe do it yourself, I know I have without realising what the consequences could be.

Black and brown dog on a lead.

On safety grounds, you wouldn’t leave your child tied up outside a shop, so it stands to reason, it’s not safe to leave your dog outside alone either. Thieves are just waiting around for you to do just that and they will pounce!

Beware Of Strangers! Dog Thieves Have Many Guises

Always be aware of people knocking on your door for no apparent legitimate reason. They could be ‘casing the joint’ intending to return at a later time and steal your precious pooch.

It could be because they are easier to steal, but maybe because they are valuable and highly sought after, that the smaller breed dogs, such as Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahua and Pomeranian are targeted more frequently.

Chihuahua puppy.Although Pit Bull Terriers are also being stolen, possibly for a much more wicked, cruel reason. For example ‘dog fighting’ and laboratory research.

Protect your dog, watch over your precious possession, don’t let your dog become one of the stolen dogs, remember, there may be someone just waiting for you to let your guard down.

Don’t be frightened…just be aware!

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