Shi tzu with head out of car.

Travelling With Your Dog In The Car

Don’t Let Your Dog Hang Out Here!

It can be tempting to allow your dog to hang its head out of the car window when travelling in the hot weather. However, it can be very dangerous for several reasons.

You Don’t Want A Stoned Doggie

With the air wafting by at quite a speed, all manner of debris can be blown into their eyes and ears. Dust and grit can scratch the eyeball causing severe damage and pain, and it can also find its way into the ears with the same outcome. Not to mention the rapid flapping in the breeze of their soft earflaps that could also in addition cause soreness and inflammation.


While you may think that dog’s falling out if car windows is not a common occurrence, it can and does happen all too frequently. Take a corner suddenly, or go over a bump in the road, and your pooch could lose its footing and topple from the car window with dire results.

Certainly it’s a good idea to have the windows open when your travelling, to allow for a flow of fresh air for your canine companion. But, keep your dog secured, on the back seat in a RAC Car Harness.
Dog RAC car harness.

Alternatively, for peace of mind, provide a Deluxe Sloping Dog Cage. This cage comes in other sizes.

Dog car cage.

It’s best to be safe than sorry, and then you can all enjoy the ride.

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