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18 Dog Toys to Keep Your Dog Occupied

Toys and chews for adult dogs, plus puppy toys for your pup will provide hours of pleasure and keep them out of mischief. Dog toys are as essential to them as ours are to us.

There are are a vast array of toys, that we as humans, use on a daily basis to occupy our time. There’s I pod’s, there are jigsaws, there’s Nintendo’s, model cars, books and tv etc.etc. Each one suits the same purpose, that of keeping us busy and stopping us from getting bored. Because dogs are almost human (that’s what some of us think anyway) it stands to reason that they also need to have toys to play with.

As with the diversity of toys available to us, there is also a huge range of dog toys on the market to select from too. Here are 18 suggestions to keep your furry friend happy.

Soft Plush Dog Toys

Soft dog toys and plush dog toys may not at first seem like a practical toy for your dog, but they can keep a dog’s interest for quite a while, especially if they have squeakers. Also, a soft dog toy will retain the dog’s own scent and make it feel like their own little fur baby to snuggle up with.

Sammy Squirrel Squeaky Dog Toy

For the larger dog to snuggle up with, a Sammy Squirrel Squeaky Dog Toy would make the ideal companion.Plush squirrel dog toy.Rosewood Natural Nippers Plush Ring

The Rosewood Natural Nippers Bouncy Plush is a smaller soft dog toy for a puppy or smaller breed of dog.

Natural Nippers dog toy.

Rubber Dog Toys

Rubber dog toys provide great jaw and mouth exercise for dogs that like to chew, keeping them busy for ages. Some can be stuffed with food for prolonged activity and strong enough for the most aggressive of chewers.

Bounce Fetch & Tug Dog Toy

Perfect for medium to large breeds, this Happy Pet Grubber Bounce Fetch & Tug Dog Toyin the shape of a rugby ball, produces an erratic bounce to give your dog a great workout. Happy Pet Grubber Bounce Fetch & Tug Dog Toy

PetSafe Busy Buddy Waggle

The PetSafe Busy Buddy Waggle is ideal for strong chewers as it is made from natural rubber, and can be filled with a variety of treats. Petsafe rubber dog toy.

Vinyl Dog Toys

Vinyl dog toys are generally softer to the bite for the more gentler dog, with usually a squeaker for added fun.

Good Boy Giant Vinyl Dumbells, 300mm

These light and durable, squeaky Good Boy Giant Vinyl Dumbells, 300mm are suitable for the larger breed of dog. They are a fun and enjoyable throw and fetch toy.

Vinyl dog toys.

Nobby Vinyl Spiked Ball for Small Dogs

This Nobby Vinyl Spiked Ball Small for Dogs toy is made from a fairly soft plastic. It’s the perfect toy for small and medium dog breeds. However, there should always be supervision when your dog is playing with toys in case they break and cause injury.Vinyl dog toys for small dogs.

Rope Toys for Dogs

Dogs love to pull and tug, and a knotted rope is an ideal toy that is safe and durable for this kind of game. Although knotted rope dog toys may have a nice soft feel for your dog’s mouth, they do work really well in helping to keep their gums and teeth clean.

Fun 2 Knot Rope Toy For Dogs

Rope toys for dogs solve that knotty problem of keeping their gnashers healthy, so this Happy Pet Flossin Fun 2 Knot Rope Toy For Dogs is an ideal toy for the purpose.

Dog rope toy.

Puppy Dog Rope Chew Toy with Knot Fun

Great for tug-of-war play, this Cute Tough Puppy Dog Tug War Rope Toy is virtually indestructible and can be washed, while also has teeth flossing benefits.

Dog rope toy.

Alternative Chews for Dogs

Rawhide chews and bones may be what most of us fall back on when we think of dog treats for dogs, but many dogs do love them and get many hours of entertainment from them. Then there are natural antler dog chews that are a bit different.

Antos Antler dog chew – Available in 3 sizes

Antler dog chews are 2222a natural product, and so contain no additives or preservatives, and only a small amount of fat. Long lasting, they clean your dogs teeth while giving hours of enjoyment. When at last they are worn down, they will expose the treat of the delicious dry marrow.

Antler dog chew.

Smart Bone Chicken Mini Bone

SmartBones is the next generation dog chew that has all the benefits of a rawhide chew without the rawhide. These tasty 24pk Smart Bone Chewsare made with real, dried chicken breast, and fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Dog Smartbone chews.

8in1 Delights Twist Chicken Sticks, 35-Piece

The Delights Twisted Chicken Sticks are wrapped rawhide, around yummy chicken meat. Free from artificial colours and flavour enhancers, they have only 2% fat.

Dog rawhide twisted chicken sticks.BoneHard Dog Chews
Hard bones dog chews scrape away at the plaque and keep teeth clean, helping to avoid dental problems.

Nylabone Dura Dog Chew

This doggie delicious dog bone chew, Nylabone Dura Chew is made from durable nylon in bacon flavour, and has been designed for powerful chewers.

Nylabone dog chew.

Kong Toys for Dogs

To the uninitiated, the name Kong, in relation to a dog toy might sound very strange. However, a Kong toy is probably one of the best known chew toys on the market.

Some Kong toys have cavities that you can stuff with treats, treats like, peanut butter, pasta, apple, cheese, dog food, dog biscuit, bread, cereal or Kong stuffing mix to name but a few; I’m sure you will think of more.

A Kong is made from strong, safe, durable rubber and comes in several different shapes and colours, for example, a Kong Ball. There will be a Kong toy for all types of dog, be it puppies, or small, medium and large dogs, plus even seniors are catered for.

Kong Ball

Kong ball

Kong Puppy Chew

For puppies up to nine months, fill this Kong Puppy Chew with treats and keep them occupied for ages.

Kong puppy chew.

Dog Balls Toys

What can you say about a ball? Balls have been the mainstay of dog toys for many years. Although some dogs do get pleasure while playing alone with a ball, primarily a ball is for interaction play with their owner.

Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Five Senses Dog Ball

This ball has a multi-textured surface for added interest and appeals to all of the five senses, sight, taste, sound, smell, and feel. Sounding when shaken, this Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Ball also smells and tastes of beef.

Ruff 'N' Tumble 5 senses dog ball.

Chuckit! Pocket Ball Launcher

If you do have a dog that likes to run after a thrown ball, a perfect bit of equipment is a Chuckit! Pocket Ball Launcher. Because it has a long handle, it allows you to throw the ball much further, while also keeping your hands from getting saliva and mud on them. Bliss!

Chuckitball dog toy

 Interactive Dog Toys

Dog interactive toys and dog puzzle toys are are a really great distraction if your dog is bored and being disruptive, as they help occupy his time and his mind. An interactive dog toy requires mental and physical expertise to complete each different products individual system. The games can usually be set to different challenges for particular skill levels until the hidden rewards are revealed.

Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Brick Activity Toy

As part of Nina Ottosson’s range of interactive dog games, this Dog Brick Activity Toyis designed to help stimulate and entertain your dog.

Nina Ottosson interactive dog toy.Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board

This dog toy is especially suitable for small dogs, the Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board is a board game with 2 cones and indentations, with hinged lids and sliders. Included is a booklet with tips and tricks to assist with the different techniques.

Trixie dog activity interactive dog toy.

You will be able to find these dog toys, or something similar, either at your local pet store or with a search online.

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