Dog Boots Are the New Trend, to Go With Dog Coat and Scarf

Boots for Dogs Are Becoming Really Popular

Ok, the winter has been fairly mild up to now, but, as we know, our weather can be pretty unpredictable. We can be lulled into a false sense of security when we enjoy some lovely spring-like days.

Westie in snow.

But, when we do get freezing, snowy, damp and foggy days, we are the first to don our thick coat, woolly scarf, hat and gloves. Your dog should not be far behind you in that respect, because it’s a common misconception that dogs, because of their fur, do not need warm coats and boots themselves. There are those people who have the school of thought, that because dogs do have a fur coat, then they don’t need any extra protection. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Indoors, your dog can have a lovely warm heated bed, but outdoors, jackets, jumpers and dog boots will keep them snug as a bug. Ruffwear specialises in dog gear – ideal for exciting adventures with your four-legged friend.

Set of 4 Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots

Dog wearing bootsPooches paws are susceptible to picking up ice and balls of snow, plus toxic, burning salt, so keeping the hair trimmed between the toes could prevent the accumulation of ice there. Ruffwear provides three types of dog boots, to cover every venture you might want to make with your canine companion. Whether it’s for snow, for trekking, clambering over rocks, or just to keep out the weather, read the comparison chart to decide which type will suit your dogs needs best.

Ruffwear dog boot comparison chart.

Dog boots and coats are not a sissy thing, they are becoming more and more popular, even toughie dogs like Alaskan sledge dogs, and rescue dogs wear them to protect their valuable paws. Boots allow your dog to enjoy their outdoor walks while protecting them from cuts, bruises, frostbite and poisons.

Ok, so they may not like them and walk a little funny at first, which is normal, but persistence is the answer, and hopefully, they’ll get used to them with patience.

It’s essential that you follow the measuring instructions from the company that you decide to purchase your dog boots from. This will go a long way to helping your dog accept the boots and enjoy walking in them.

If however, you could have a dog that, even with your patience and persistence, will not wear the dog boots under any circumstances. For those pernickety pups, there is a paw wax that can be rubbed onto their paws to protect them.

Paw wax for dogs to protect paws.Reflective Dog Coat by Danish Designs

All dogs, especially puppies, senior dogs, and those with thin or thinning fur, are quite vulnerable to the cold. When freezing cold water could splash up and freeze on their fur, a lovely warm coat would be most welcome, if not crucial for sure. With its removable polar fleece liner, this coat is superb for both the winter and warmer months.

Dog coat, Danish Designs.You could say that we humans don’t need boots and coats either, but surely anything that helps us to feel more comfortable, as well as live longer, should be considered a necessity.

Smaller dogs may lose heat more quickly because they are nearer to the cold ground, and dogs with health conditions, for example, heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease, could find it more difficult to keep their body temperature under control. Even those dogs with longer or thicker coats may not be able to spend a prolonged amount of time outside without some form of insulation.

Chunky Funky Dog Scarf

Schnauzer with dog scarf.Keep your doggie warm on the coldest of walks with this chic and practical snood/scarf from the makers, Edie & Reggie. This is a winter wardrobe must-have for the pooch about town.  It is made from super chunky wool that will not get in the way of your furry friends lead.

So now, your best friend is all set for life’s adventures.

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