Discover Why Dog Coats Are A Necessity Not An Extravagance

Brrr!! Winter is approaching, and just like us, man’s best friend (and women’s) feels the cold too, that’s where dog coats come in.

Unfortunately, when the cold wind is howling around the house and the rain is lashing down outside, Louis still wants his walkies. Thank goodness our homes are centrally heated though, keeping us and our dogs warm. But it stands to reason, that after being in that environment, a dog, as well as ourselves, will feel the cold on venturing outside in winter. Of course, we have the comfort of donning our raincoat, hat, scarf and boots to brave the elements, but what do they have? Where is their dog coat?

Does Your Dog Like Fishing?

Don’t take a chance with our traditionally uncertain weather, keep your dog as warm and dry as yourselves this winter with their own waterproof dog coat. Whatever the activity or hobby that you and your dog enjoy together, be it climbing, running, camping, fishing and boating, or just your ordinary daily amble in the local park, there are coats and clothing to suit every purpose.

An Alternative Benefit Of Dog Coats

Think about it, what is the first thing that your best friend does when he gets back from a wet winter walk? That’s it, he shakes his wet and muddy fur all over your car or furniture. We know that a winter coat for your mutt is a practical solution for warmth, but it has another added advantage in that of lessening the dreaded wet fur shake.

Take Care Of Your Dog

If you have a dog that is ageing it may well feel the cold more, or possibly be less active due to arthritis and aching joints. This is when a warm padded coat would be most beneficial. Also, there are some dog breeds with very little hair or some that have skin conditions, where a coat would be essential to protect them from the elements. Likewise, a waterproof dog coat for a breed with either very long or very thick fur would be an advantage in helping to prevent the fur from becoming matted.

You Must Take Precautions

Along with the winter, comes the darker mornings and nights, and the possible dangers of not being seen when out walking, especially if your dog is dark in colour. Several of the dog coats on the market will have fluorescent fabric stitched into the design to assist in visibility for those occasions.
Coats, raincoats and other outdoor apparel for dogs come in varying shapes, colours and sizes. Some are lightweight, fold fairly small, are easy to carry, and are ready for a sudden downpour. Others are more substantial and have the ability to contend with all weathers.

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