Choosing A Human Dog Name For Your Puppy

Choosing a human dog name seems to be the most favourite choice recently, as revealed in a survey by Co-operative Pet Insurance. It appears that the population are siding with human names, as opposed to the more conventional puppy names, such as Fido, Rex and Rover.

One Of Us

Possibly, rightly or wrongly, people are seeing their dog as an extension of their family and just another one of their children. It has been said that maybe a lot of the behavioural problems that people have with their dogs, is because they are being treated more like humans than the dogs that they are. Perhaps to some, this trend may be a bit worrying, while others can see no harm in it. Loving and treasuring your puppy is beneficial to both parties as long as a sense of perspective is kept.

What Human Dog Name Shall We Call Him/Her?

Most favourite names for your new puppy addition are Alfie, Charlie, Max, Molly and Poppy, even though it has been reported by vets that it is becoming more common for longer names to be used. Further enhancing the trend for humanizing our best friends, the names Andrew, Christopher and Margaret are being chosen for instance.

Bundle Of Fluff

Puppies are so lovely, fluffy, cute, adorable, and very individual. Get to know your puppy’s special character before you choose a fitting name, and encourage all the family to have an input into the picking of it.

Inspiration can be derived from various places and the possibilities are infinite, but below are a few suggestions to start you off. Have Fun!

Dog name suggestions.

Abbey, Amber, Angel, Annie, Bella, Belle, Bonnie, Brandy, Chloe, Casey, Cookie, Cassie, Daisy,
Dixie, Dusty, Ellie, Ginger, Heidi, Holly, Honey, Jasmine, Katy, Lacey, Lady, Lexy, Lola, Millie,
Minnie, Molly, Poppy, Ruby, Sue
Ace, Alan, Alfie, Bailey, Bertie, Bill, Buddy, Charlie, Colin, Dave, Defer, Drake, Fergus, Flash,
Frank, Freddy, Jack, Max, Muffin, Oscar, Patch, Rocky, Ruben, Sandy, Shadow, Sidney, Simon,

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