Dobermann in the meadow.

Pictures of Cute Dogs In Lovely Scenery

Cheer up the winter days with pictures of doggies in some lovely scenery of flowers and woodland settings. We all enjoy a picture of a dog…bring summer closer with these delightful pictures of cute dogs enjoying being outside in the sunshine.

Mmm! Enjoying the Scent of Summer Flowers

Dog picture and pink flowers.

A Mountain Climbing Shetland Sheepdog

Sheltie in garden

Cocker Spaniel Taking Pleasure in The Sunshine

Cocker Spaniel in the gardenChihuahua Puppy Full of Wonder

Chihuahua in the gardenBassett Hounds Making Their Minds Up

Bassett Hounds among the leaves.French Bulldog Down Among the Dandelions

French Bulldog in the garden.I’m In the Meadow…So There!!

Brown dog in the meadow.You Can’t See Me! I’m Hiding in the Hydrangeas

German Shepherd among the hydrangeasGolden Retriever Just Waiting For The Off!

Golden Retriever in the garden.Cute Yorkshire Terrier…’I’m Ready, When Are We Going?’

Yorkshire Terrier in the garden

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