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Dog Treats and Dog Food Storage

The Best Dog Treats Are Those They Love Again and Again

Giving healthy dog treats to your dog is something that both of you will enjoy, while being an ideal way for a bit of bonding. However, dog treats should be given sparingly and should supply only 10% of their daily diet.

Treats can be given for training purposes as well, to reward good behaviour. Never give a treat to a dog who is being loud, while jumping up and misbehaving.

Treats come in all shapes and sizes, and obviously you can get treats for dogs at the local supermarket or pet shop, but here you’ll find something for them that is just a little bit different. Plus storage ideas in the shape of dog treat bags, dog treat tins, and dog treat jars, so that you can keep the treats dry and tidy.

Four Dog Cupcakes

Dog treat cupcakesDoggies need a treat sometimes, just like ourselves, and these four vanilla flavoured sponge cupcakes are going to hit just the right spot. Made by Doggie Patisserie from flour, free range eggs, honey, vegetable oil, vanilla, baking powder, white chocolate flavour coating, carob, and desiccated coconut. Nothing harmful to your dog is contained in these cakes, no cocoa or theobromine.

Party Mix Dog Biscuits

Party mix dog biscuitsA party mix of dog biscuits in all the flavours that Snaffles has to offer, to delight your dog…which one will they like best! Delights to include Beetroot & Parmesan Bodger’s, Salmon & Flax Seed Omega Ted’s, Carrot Purée & Seaweed Moby Dick’s, Gingerbread Alfie’s Geezers, Lola’s Chicken Popcorn, Vegetarian Cheese & Carrot Jet’s Carrot Crunch, Peanut Butter Ruby’s Sweethearts, Charcoal Black Cats, Gluten Free Mint & Parsley Ned’s Windy Bites, Beetroot & Charcoal Candy Canines & Crispy Chicken & Sunflower Seed Dudley’s Rock Stars.

They sound mouth-wateringly delicious, and yes, you can eat them yourself, if your dog will let you!

Personalised Dog Food Tin

NOTHS-dog-treats-tinIn either charcoal or ivory colour, these personalised dog treat or dinner tins, are ideal for  keeping their food stored away tidily. Coming in two sizes, they both have a metal scoop that stores in the handle for ease of use.

Love Is…Personalised Gift Set For Dogs

Dog treat gift setThe heart shaped treats are hand baked using human grade ingredients (organic wherever possible), with no added sugars or salts. Made with a selection of cheeses, wheat free rye flour and sunflower oil, by The Little Barker Bakery.

The brightly foil covered heart-shaped candies are made with dog-safe carob, and the bag can be personalised with your dogs name. Plus there is a lovely heart-shaped tug toy for their fun and games.

Bone-Shaped Dog Hamper

Bone-shaped dog hamperThis dog gift basket sold by The Guide Dogs contains tasty treats for the bigger dogs, plus a toy. The ‘Big Dog’ Hamper would make a welcome gift all year round, packed full with Gourmet Dog Treats, plus a mug for the dog loving owner.

The dog treat gift set is packaged in a beautiful bone shaped wicker basket and contains Popcorn, Strawberry and Apple Training Biscuits, Peanut Butter Pupbake Laughing Dog, Wonderfully Wheat Free Dental Oaties, Venison Treats for Dogs, Bone Shaped Dog Toy and a ‘Dog Loves Me Best’ Mug.

Personalised Dog Treat Bag

Dog treat bagAn ideal way to store your dogs treats, the dog treat bag can be personalised with your dogs name and five other descriptive words about your dog. The bag comes with these words as well, set as standard: DOG, FETCH, WALKIES, TREATS, LOVE, PAW, BONE, DOGS

Sizes: Large 25×35 & Large Sack 46×60

Colours: Black & White, Red & White, Blue & White, and Green & White

2 Tier Dog Birthday Cake

2 Tier dog birthday cake.Made by M&M’s Kitchen, not only does this dog birthday cake look pretty, every ingredient is 100% safe for dogs. Their gorgeous range of treats have been carefully created with your four-legged friend in mind, with their specific dietary needs catered for.

Four Bone Shaped Cookies

Bone shaped dog cookies.

Spoil your dog with these wholesome cookies, and have them drooling for more. Made by Doggie Patisserie with dog safe chocolate, desiccated coconut and peanut butter, these cookies will have your pooch putting them on the ‘best dog treats’ list!

The cookies come beautifully packaged in a kraft box, tied with twine and a gift tag attached so you can write your own personal message.

Ceramic Dog Biscuit Jar

Ceramic dog biscuit jar.This stylish ceramic dog biscuit jar would not look out of place in any kitchen decor.

The refined biscuit jar is made from solid porcelain and finished in a pale French green glaze, perfect for storing all your dogs favourite treats!

Matching ceramic dogs bowl is available to compliment the cookie jar.

Dog Birthday Celebration Package

Dog birthday celebration packageThis very tasty looking carob cake is just one of the doggie delicious muffins that come in the birthday treat package. Savoury party nibbles, one 16cm celebration cake and eight or nine muffins complete the food in the celebration pack.

Treat your four-legged friend to a party they’re going to be barking about for a very long time.

The Rabble Dog Treat Tin

The Rabble dog treat tin.The Rabble dog treat tin  is ideal for keeping your pooches daily treats safe and dry, and away from prying paws. Colourfully decorated with pictures of lovely doggies; it is made from powder coated galvanised steel. Size: 16.5 x 11 x 20cm.

Posh Pooch Doggie Tea and Biscuits Gift Box

Luxury meaty treats and tea for dogs.

Meaty treats and healthy herbal doggie tea…your pooch will think they’re in canine heaven! Full of nutritionally balanced, health-focused benefits, these doggie teas have taken the market by storm.

A love letter is included with your dogs name, so that you can show your furry friend just how much you love them.

Venison Chipolatas For Dogs – Triple Pack

Venison chipolatas for dogs.Spoil your dog with these luxury venison chipolatas for dogs that are made with 80% British venison and 4% delicious chopped apples. Being probably ideal for the smaller dog, these sausages are hypoallergenic, with no wheat, gluten, soy or dairy.

A treat that will make your happy hound love you forever.

Personalised Dog’s Treat Jar

Ceramic dog treats jarTreat yourself, (because it will look great on display in your kitchen) or a dog lover friend to this stylish dog treat jar. Made from bone china with a colourful and fun design of bones and paws, it would be ideal for storing your dogs treats away.

The dimensions are: 185mm high to include the lid, and 105mm in diameter. The jar can also be personalised with your dogs name and message.


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