An Easy Way To Discover The Ancestry Of Your Mongrel/Cross-Breed

There is a television programme called Jeremy Kyle, where they attempt to identify the parentage of a baby, from sometimes it seems, several possibilities.

However, this is not about that, but it is linked to it to a degree.  Apparently, it’s becoming the in thing to try to discover the breeds that your cross-bred pooch derives from; it appears that it can be beneficial in a lot of ways.

Recently it has been reported that even the actor Kevin Bacon and his family have ventured into the realms of trying to uncover the DNA of their rescued dogs, of which he has several. Kevin thought that it would be a fun thing to do, and so he purchased a dog home DNA test kit on the internet.

When You’re In The Know

Of course, just like ourselves, our dog’s inherit characteristics from their ancestors. So, with a first generation cross, where the breed of the pedigree parents is known, you will get a mixture of those two breeds, in both appearance and characteristics. However, if the crossing is more complex, such as several different mixes of breeds over the years, then it would be more difficult to identify how the dog would look or behave.

But What If You’re Not…Why Does He Do That?

Being aware of your dogs make-up will help you understand why they are the way that they are, and why they behave the way that they do. It may well answer a lot of niggling questions for you, and help you deal with the correct feeding and training for their character.

Never before have we been able to know exactly, from what our delightful mongrel’s temperament and traits were derived. But that has all changed, because now a UK company called Wisdom Panel™ , has on the market a thorough, simple, do it yourself dog DNA test, that gives you the answer in just weeks.

Now You Know!

The easy test is done by taking a swab from your dog’s cheek, then sending it off to the company, whereupon the detailed report will be returned by email within three weeks. Your dog’s genetic history may just give you the solution to issues that you have been wondering about.

As a nation, we own around one million mongrel dogs, and Wisdom Panel™ can tell of what percentage a cross-breed dog matches any or several particular breeds. This allows you to study those breeds and get an understanding and appreciation of your dog’s traits, and the knowledge of how to deal with them.

How Big Will She Be?

A mixed breed dog can have many different appearances, so foretelling what breed a puppy will eventually resemble is nigh on impossible, with there being so many variations that it could grow to look like.

Mongrels, cross breeds, whatever you want to call them, are a delight, and this service to find out their ancestry is a fascinating one.

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